Cilicia: The Land of Lions
0 hours 20 minutes
Writen by
Ashot Arakelyan
Directed by
Ashot Arakelyan
Roffi Petrossian, Karen Gasparyan, Ruzan Vit Mesropyan, Devon Yagian, Karo Piliposyan
Age rating

“Cilicia: The Land of Lions” is the first cinematographic peace, comprised of three mood reels, that tells about one of the greatest chapters of the Armenian history – the Kingdom of Cilicia during its three-century-old existence (1080-1375), when Armenians resisted enemies, fought for liberation, created a princedom and established a powerful Kingdom.

Each 5-minute mood reel presents a 100-year history starting from the foundation of a princedom, the development and the rise of Cilicia, its transition to a Kingdom and the fall.

The first mood reel introduces to the first part (1080-1198) of the three-century-old history of Cilicia, from the founding of a princedom in the 11th century to the rule of one of the greatest Armenian royals – King Levon the Roupenid – to Cilicia’s participation in the Crusades and the establishment of the Cilician Kingdom.

The second mood reel refers to the historical events taking place in the 13th century, providing an insight into the relationship among the nobles and the change in the royal dynasties from Roupenids to Hetoumids, with Queen Zabel I, marrying her regent, Constantine of Baberon’s son: the founder of Hetoumids’ dynasty – King Hetoum I.

The third and the last of the mood reel trilogy presents the final years of the Kingdom (1219-1375) beginning with the reign of King Levon III, when Cilicia was torn apart from all four sides of the kingdom, to King Levon V, the last king who came from the Lusignan dynasty; his burial is depicted in the last scene of the mood reel.

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