“Moscow Cinema” LLC offers advertisement cooperation, as well as leases premises of cinema halls and foyer.

Within the framework of advertisement cooperation we offer the following options:

  • Banner advertising: on the first floor of the Moscow cinema, in a separate room, as well as next to the fountains located near the cinema.
  • Video advertising: short commercials before the screening of films in the “Red” and “Blue” cinema halls, on the screens installed in the foyers and on the LED screens located on the facade of the cinema.

Two large and two small auditoriums, as well as a foyer are for rent.

In the Red Hall there are 491 seats, in the Blue Hall there are 350 seats, in the Small Red Hall there are 49 seats, and in Video Hall there are 35 seats. The cinema halls are designed for showing films, and for holding various events, such as seminars, conferences, presentations.

In the foyer of the cinema it is advisable to organize an art exhibition, a photo exhibition, and an exhibition of sculptures or other kinds of exhibitions and presentations.

For more information about the above offers, you can call the phone number: (010) 54 05 64 or send an email: mosarmcinema@gmail.com.

Working days and hours: Monday to Friday, from 11: 00-18: 00