Stephan Graf von Bothmer.A silent movie concerto

German Embassy Yerevan cordially invites you to a special event: A silent movie concerto! Venue in Yerevan will be Moscow Theater’s Red Hall, the screening will be on 01 December 2015 at 07.00 p.m. Venue in Gyumri will be movie theater Hoktember , the screening will be on 02 December 2015 at 05.00 p.m.
Pianist Stephan Graf von Bothmer, one of Germany’s leading and most popular silent movie musicians will present the sound track to the famous classic silent movie „Nosferatu“ produced by F. W. Murnau in 1922. „Nosferatu“ counts among the first and most charismatic Dracula movies in the history of film and is one of the most artistically precious German film productions of all times. 

Pianist Graf von Bothmer’s unrivalled show will fuse movie and modern live film music to a new oneness taking the audience on a beautiful yet eerie journey to the subconscious, the empire of hidden fears and desires.
Throughout his NOSFERATU world tour Graf von Bothmer has already deeply moved and inspired an audience of hundred thousands of movie goers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Armenia is now the next stop of his tour. Let yourself be enchanted as well and join us for this very special evening.
Entry to both screenings, in Yereva as well as in Gyumri is free of charge.