"Moscow Cinema" LLC offers a promotional partnership, as well as  provides cinema halls and waiting hall for rent.

In a framework of advertising cooperation we offer the following options:

  • Banner advertisement –in the separate area of the first floor inside the cinema, the official web site of the cinema, as well as next to the fountains near the cinema.
  • Video advertisement - in the  "Red" and "Blue" halls of the cinema before the film screenings, as well as on the monitors in the waiting halls.

We give 2 big and 2 small halls, as well as the waiting hall of the cinema for rent.

''Red'' hall has 491 seats, ''Blue'' hall has 350 seats,  ''Red'' small hall has 49 seats, ''Videohall'' has 35 seats. Halls are intended for film screenings, as well as for various events, conferences, presentations.

Waiting hall of the cinema is appropriate for painting, photography, sculpture and for organizing other exhibitions, presentations.

For more information about the suggestions above, you may call (010) 52 39 30, or e-mail us at

Working days - from Monday to Friday/Working hours – from 11: 00 to 18:00.